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HM50 Series

HM50 Series Two Valve Manifolds - Static Pressure

The HM50 Series is a single flanged static pressure manifold that incorporates a primary block valve, a bleed valve and a secondary shutoff valve into a single valve assembly. The secondary shutoff and bleed valve also allows the gauge and transmitter to be removed or bled without requiring additional valving. The HM50 provides separate instrument bleed and a calibration entry port to allow for fast, accessible zeroing and calibration of gauge pressure transmitters. With the installation of a tube fitting / cap or a quick connect coupling, zeroing and calibration can bee performed without a wrench with a substantial reduction in the time required to perform this procedure. The HM50 features a threaded inlet and flanged outlet, allowing the transmitter to bolt directly to the manifold. This design results in quick installation and allows a technician to remove the transmitter for service without disassembling the associated piping. 

HM53 Series

HM53 Series Single Flanged Three Valve Manifolds

The HM53 Series is a three valve instrument manifold used to perform the block, equalizing and vent requirements of a differential pressure transmitter applications. Of importance in this design is the inclusion of a single mounting flange that allows the transmitter to bolt directly to the manifold which eliminates the piping of excess tubing and nipples. A mounting kit may also be specified to allow for installation to a pipe stand. 

HM54 Series

HM54 Series Double Flanged Three Valve Manifold

A double flanged instrument manifold that is used to perform the block, equalizing and vent requirements of differential pressure transmitters. For compact, close-coupled installations, the manifold bolts directly to the instrument and can be mated directly to the orifice flange using futbol flanges and short nipples. For remote installation, tube adaptors are used with the futbols, making the installation similar to the HM53. 

 HM55 Series

HM56/55 Series Five Valve Manifolds - Blowdown

For differential pressure applications, the Hex five valve blowdown manifold performs the block and equalizing functions of a standard three valve manifold and provides two additional block valves to be used for blowdown purposes. To blow down the impulse lines, the block valves on the manifold are closed, and the two blowdown valves are opened, allowing the impulse lines to be blown out through the ports on the lower side of the blowdown valves.

 HM57 Series

HM57 Series Five Valve Manifold - Metering

The HM57 Five Valve Manifold combines two shutoff valves, two equalizing valves, and a vent/calibration valve into a single, compact assembly. The double equalizing arrangement insures against measurement error that can occur from equalizer leakage between high and low pressure connections, making the HM57 ideal for custody transfer applications.

When expensive liquid or gas changes ownership, precise measurement is critical. The smallest leakage from the high side of the manifold the the low side of the manifold can lead to lost revenue due to inaccurate measurement. Therefore, when dealing with custody transfer or other critical flows, a five valve manifold should be used to achieve more accurate measurement. The number of threaded connections is greatly reduced when using the HM57 instead of needle valves, piping and tees, and, with fewer connections, there are fewer potential leak points and reduced risk of fugitive emissions.


 HM58 Series

HM58 Series Two Valve Manifolds - Level

The HM58 Level Manifold is a simplified, lower cost alternative to D/P level installations. The HM58 allows the user to construct a level installation with minimal components. This method eliminates the need for tubing, fittings, instrument pipe stands and their associated installation costs.

HM59 Series

HM59 Series Two Valve Manifolds - Static Pressure

The HM59 Series is a line-mounted two valve manifold that functions as a shutoff and bleed valve for static pressure instrumentation. Compared to traditional piping methods that use an arrangement of nipples, pipes, elbows and tees, and gate valves, the HM59 Series will provide alow cost, easy-to-install unit that performs the same functions traditionally performed by a number of piping components. The use of the HM59 Series also reduces the number of threaded connections, resulting in fewer leak points.

 HM45 Series

HM45 Series In-Line Three Valve Manifold

The HM45 Series is a general purpose instrument manifold designed for connecting differential pressure transmitters or flow records to impulse line tubing. Connections are 1/2" NPT on industry standard 3-2/8" center-to-center dimensions (models for 2-3/16" and 2-1/4" center-to-center dimensions are also available). 

 HM46 Series

HM46 Series In-Line Three Valve Manifold with Vent

The HM46 Series is the same design as the HM45, but also incorporating a vent valve allowing a technician to perform instrument bleed or blowdown procedures. Both models provide one compact valve assembly to perform the block and equalizing functions required to calibrate your instruments. They feature backseated, inside rising stem construction to prevent accidental stem removal and to isolate the packing from the process. For added protection, the bonnets are pinned to prevent inadvertent removal.

 HM72 Series

HM72 Series

When used in a direct mount system, the HM72 two valve connector provides two block valves and two ports for adding additional measurement devices. It can also act as a spacer, increasing the distance between the measurement devices and the orifice fitting. As in the HM37 manifold, the HM72 is large bore and has a soft seat for tight shutoff.

HM73 Series

HM73 Series

THe HM73 is a versatile and economical angle pattern shutoff valve. It is the easiest way to change direction from horizontal to vertical mounting of a transmitter or flow computer on an orifice fitting or orifice flange union. To change direction, just add this between your direct mount system and the HM37 five valve gas pattern manifold. In addition to two additional block valves, it has two drain ports and two more ports for adding an additional measurement device. As is the case for the HM37, the HM73 is a large bore and has a soft sesat for tight shutoff.

 HM88 Series

HM88 Series Three Valve Manifolds

The HM88 Three Valve Direct Mount Manifold is designed for close-coupled mounting of a differential pressure transmitter to an orifice flange. The rugged body of this heavy-duty manifold has two sets of outlets allowing versatility in mounting and convenient access for transmitter calibration.

HM37A Series

HM37A Series

The adapter is used on a direct mount system that domes off horizontally from the orifice fitting. Instead of using a 5 valve angle manifold, you would use this to make the angle from horizontal to vertical. The benefit with this design is that with a slight incline in porting inside the adapater, the condensation could flow back into the fitting and not pool in the angle adapter and be constantly drained (see our HM37 - 5 valve angle - it has drain ports on it). The design then prevents freezing if you forget to go out and drain it.

 HM37 Series

HM37 Series Five Valve Manifold - Metering

The HM37 Five Valve Manifold combines two shutoff valves, two equalizing valves, and a vent/calibration valve into a single, compact assembly. 

Accuracy is paramount in the upstream and downstream hydrocarbon measurement world. When expensive liquid or gas changes ownership, precise measurement is critical.

 HM16 Series

HM10/13/14/16/18 Rigid Mount Manifolds

Hex Rigid Mount Manifolds mount directly to the pipe stand securing the impulse lines so the transmitter can be installed or removed independently of the piping. They feature a "standard" two or three valve manifold or a blowdown manifold with an integral, welded mounting plate. The secure, welded design allows for fast and easy installation of gauge and differential pressure transmitters on vertical or horizontal pipe stands. Choose from five models to meet your instrumentation requirements:


HM10: Single FLange Static Pressure Manifold for Gauge Pressure Instrumentation

HM13: Single Flanged Three Valve Manifold for Differential Pressure Transmitters

HM14: Double Flanged Three Valve Manifold for Differential Pressure Transmitters

HM16: Single Flanged Manifold featuring independent blowdown valves

HM18: Single FLanged Two Valve Manifold for use with Level Instrumentation 


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