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HG46 Series

HG46 Series Gauge/Block Valves

Compared to traditional piping methods using gate valves, tees and nipples, the HG46 provides a quick, inexpensive and compact means of installing gauges and static pressure instrumentation. The use of the HG46 also reduces the number of threaded connections, resulting in fewer potential leak points. The HG46 can be supplied with a bleed valve or needle valve threaded into one of the outlets to allow for combined block and bleed functions in a single, compact unit. 

HG48 Series

HG48 Series Gauge/Block Valves

The HG48 gauge/block valve provides three outlet connections to facilitate the mounting of gauges and other static pressure instruments in a variety of positions. The design creates a compact installation with fewer leak points as compared to conventional mounting requirements due to the reduced number of threaded connections. The HG48 can be supplied with an in integral hard seat which matches the body material, or with a choice of soft seal materials including PPS, Kel-F, TFE, or PEEK. 


HG47 Series

HG47 Series Gauge/Block Valves

A roddable, hard seated orifice valve that overcomes the drawbacks of conventional valve designs. Ideal for use on high temperature, viscous services, the HG47 provides full port, unrestricted flow. The HG47 features an OS&Y bolted bonnet with weld or threaded connections. The accessible hard seat insert and non-rotating tip (NRT) stem are machined for precision fit, yet field-replaceable to allow for long service life. 

HG35 Series

HG35 Series Gauge/Block Valves

The HG35 gauge valve, with a male inlet and a male outlet, meets the applications requirement for a block and bleed valve without the need for a close nipple when connecting to a female port on a gauge pressure transmitter rated to 6980 psi.

Other manufacturer's generally supply 1/2" NPT female process connections and usually include a block and bleed valve with each instrument. This usually requires a 1/2" stainless steel close nipple with each gauge pressure transmitter to accommodate the typical block and bleed valve's female outlet. 

The HG35 configuration provides one less threaded connection by utilizing a male outlet for direction connection into a gauge pressure transmitter. 

HB50 Series

HB50/51 Series Block & Bleed

The HB50 features a fully packed and backseated block valve along with a bleed valve with directional discharge tube and stem stop. WIth a gauge or transmitter threaded into its outlet, the HB50 will allow pressure to be bled and blocked for simplified instrument removal. The discharge tube enables the technician to direct the high pressure fluid away from himself before changing the instrument. The HB50 can also be threaded into a Hex Primary Block Valve (such as the Hex HG46) to provide secondary block and bleed functions on multiple instrument installations.

The HB51 Series is similar to the HB50 but utilizes a bleed screw in lieu of a bleed valve. 

HB52 Series

HB52 Series Block & Bleed

The Hex HB52 Bleed Tee is ideal for modernizing outdated, non-bleed gauge installations. During instrument maintenance, simply thread the HB52 into the outlet of an existing block valve. An instrument is then threaded into the HB52 outlet to complete the installation. A second 1/2" side outlet accommodates a gauge or tube fitting for a remote auxiliary instrument. Bleed-off is simple - a turn of the handle directs flow through the discharge tube. 

HB59 Series

HB59 Series Block & Bleed

For more critical services, the HB59 Integral Block and Bleed Valve combines a fully packed backseated block valve and a fully packed backseated bleed valve into a single, streamlined assembly that minimizes threaded connections. A major benefit of this design is that, while minimizing connections, cost and installation time are also reduced. A 1/2" FNPT adaptor can accommodate a tube fitting for remote removal of bleed waste. The HB59 is typically used on applications where waste must be returned to the line or holding vessel, as is common with hazardous media or EPA-targeted hydrocarbons. 

HB27 Series

HB24/25/26/27 Bleed Valves

The HB24/25/26/27 Series Bleed Valves are available individually, or optionally threaded into an unused outlet port on a variety of Hex Valve models. Used for bleeding off high pressure media, the HB24 & HB25 incorporate back-out stops to prevent inadvertent removal of the stem; the HB26 does not include this feature to allow for stem removal to facilitate calibration through the valve. 

- HB24: features an easy to use "T" handle plus directional discharge/drain/tube.

- HB25: incorporates a "hex" head screw to reduce tampering, and also supplies a directional discharge tube

- HB26: features a "hex" head screw, but no discharge/drain tube

- HB27: incorporates a "Mini-Bonnet" (packed) assembly with discharge/drain tube

Gauge Syphon

Gauge Syphons

Hex gauge syphons act as thermal and liquid seal barriers between hot process vapors (such as steam and heat transfer fluids) and the gauge pressure instrument. It is designed to replace the large installation space requirements of the traditional "pigtail" syphon, providing maximum instrument protection in half the space. This reduced radius minimizes weight and deflection stress at the primary valve. 

HT03 Series

HT01/HT03 High Temperature

Hex HT03 and HT01 high temperature globe valves are designed for service to 1500°F at 500 psi working pressure. They are available in sizes up to 1-1/2" with NPT, socket weld, butt weld or flanged end connections. 

Hex high temperature valves are used as shutoff or block valves, as well as bleed valves on hydrogen scrubbers, compressor and in hydocracking units. 

Bellows Stem Seal Option

Bellows Stem Seal Option

Hex offers a bellows stem seal option for use on Hex instrument valves in the control and monitoring of corrosive chemicals, hazardous materials or any application where leakage and containment are primary considerations.

The bellows stem seal option can be specified on a wide range of Hex instrument valves, gauge valves, bleed valves, three and five valve manifolds and static pressure manifolds. The bellows is hydroformed and laser-welded to the stem assembly for greater stability and longer life. 

The bellows can be provided in either 316L or Monel, and the option also provides secondary sealing for greater protection than can be achieved with a single seal design. Hex Valve exercised care in maintaining compact bonnet dimensions to reduce the risk of accidental breakage or damage to the bellows and also to reduce the amount of space that would be required to install the products. 


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