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HS31 Series

HS31 Series Sample/Drain Valve

The HS31 is a sample/drain valve used to extract a fresh sample while providing tight shutoff and high pressure and temperature capabilities. It is designed as a solution to routine and difficult fluid sampling applications including viscous liquids, slurries and other products that tend to solidify when cooled or exposed to the atmosphere.

The HS31 design features a reciprocating stem that unplugs the sample section as it opens. Opening the valve moves the plunger into the pipeline or vessel to remove any debris or sediment, assuring that a fresh sample enters the valve body. The valve also features two standard outlet ports. This allows the user to thread a sample cylinder, tube fitting, or piping into one outlet while using the additional outlet for check valve or bleed valve installation, clean out or purging connections. 

For shutoff considerations, the HS31 can be provided with metal-to-metal seats or optional dual seating. The dual seat consists of a retained KEL-F seat installed in the inlet end of the valve body, backed up by a secondary metal-to-metal seat directly downstream. 

HE44 Series

HE40/HE44Series Equalizing Manifolds

Hex equalizing manifolds provide an easy method to zero transmitters. 1/2" FNPT connections allow pipe or tube nut connections.

The HE40 allows for a horizontal handle orientation with 1/2" FNPT or tube nut connections.

The HE44 has a streamlined body to mount between the transmitter and the futbol flanges that are normally supplied with the transmitter. It features a backseated, inside rising stem with your choice of needle or non-rotating tip. The smaller body and use of transmitter futbol flanges make this a very economical selection.

HM40 Series

HM40 Series Instru-Mount Manifolds

The HM40 is a double instrument-mount manifold that allows two instruments to be mounted on one assembly. The HM40 reduces the number of components and leak points associated with conventional static pressure instrument piping. The piping configuration is simplified by combining the functions of block and bleed, as well as providing vent/calibration access in a single, remote mounted block style manifold. The HM40 requires only one pipe tap even though two sets of block and bleed valves are provided. The HM40 is a static pressure manifold that provides two sets of block and bleed valves for the independent operation of two static pressure instruments such as gauges, transmitter or switches.

HM20 Series

HM20 Series Instru-Mount Manifolds 

The HM20 Instrument is designed exclusively for single, remote mounted pressure transmitter, switch or gauge installations. In the past, these instruments were often mounted on conventional valve and fitting assemblies with gate, globe, or ball valves, and offered minimal instrument support with high risk of fugitive emissions.

The HM20 Series manifold combines shutoff and bleed functions, along with calibration access into one compact, well supported unit that can be mounted on a 2" pipe stand. Emissions are reduced because all valves are integral to the barstock body, thereby eliminating externally threaded bleed valves as supplied on other manifold designs.

HA Series

HA Series Distribution Manifolds

The HA Series is a soft seated multi-valve manifold that allows you to connect one air/gas source to the inlet for distribution up to 12 separate work stations. If additional work stations are required, simply attach another HA06 with nipples. The HA Series is used in place of conventional methods for the distribution of plant air and purge gases and feature o-ring seals and backseated bonnets to insure against stem leakage when the valves are fully open.

HA162 Series

HA162 Series Distribution Manifolds

The HA162 Series is a line of soft seated multi-valve manifolds that are used for the distribution of plant air, instrument air, or purge gases. The HA162 incorporates up to twelve shutoff valves into one integral valve assembly to provide a gas/air source for up to twelve working stations. When additional work stations are required, simply connect another HA162 using nipples.

The HA162 is typically used as a routing station with the primary source of gas piped into the inlet and distributed through lines connected to the six outlets. It can be used in place of the conventional field-fabricated assemblies of 2" pipe, nipples, and the needle valves for a lower cost, easy-to-install valve assembly. For convenient installation, it can be bolted to a work station or mounted with U-0bolts to a 2" pipe. 


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