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控制阀 - 混液/转换控制阀


Electric Three-Way Valve - Mark 39 Series
The Mark 39 is a motor-operated, three-way control valve that combines the performance of the Jordan sliding gate seat with the time-proven quality of the Honeywell industrial motor. The Mark 39 utilizes two sets of seats to handle higher than usual pressure drops while maintaining ANSI Class IV shutoff.
3 Way Mixing/Diverting Control Valve - Mark 79 Series
The Mark 79 is an air-operated control valve used for diverting service; ideal for bypassing fluids around coolers or filters. It can also be used as a combining or mixing valve with two inlets and one outlet.
Three-Way Temperature Regulator - Mark 89 Series
The Mark 89 is used for diverting services and is ideal for bypassing fluids around coolers or heat exchangers based on fluid temperature.


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