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Boiler Feedwater Control Valve - Mark 33 Series
The Mark 33 is a motor-operated valve featuring the Jordan sliding gate seat and heavy-duty industrial motor for proportional (resistance), on-off, 4-20 mA electronic control. The Mark 33 delivers exceptional pressure drop abilities and greater utilization of the motor torque output.
Motor Operated Control Valve - Mark 37 Series
The Mark 37 is a motor-operated control valve that combines a state-of-the-art electronic linear actuator with the exceptional performance of Jordan's sliding gate valve seat design. It’s superior accuracy makes the Mark 37 an ideal final control element in distributed process control systems.
Electric Three-Way Valve - Mark 39 Series
The Mark 39 is a motor-operated, three-way control valve that combines the performance of the Jordan sliding gate seat with the time-proven quality of the Honeywell industrial motor. The Mark 39 utilizes two sets of seats to handle higher than usual pressure drops while maintaining ANSI Class IV shutoff.
Float/Lever Operated Valve - Mark 40 Series
The Mark 40 and Mark 46 are designed with the unique sliding gate seats for lever control of tanks. The Mark 40 is supplied with a float actuator while the Mark 46 is supplied with a lever and a series of drilled holes for attachment to a customer-supplied actuator.
Adjustable Cam - Mark 44 Series
The Mark 44 adjustable cam valve is used to control the flow of fuel oil to a burner. It is ideally suited for process applications with frequent changes in fuel/air mixture because the valve can easily meet new requirements by simply readjusting the cam screws.
Sliding Gate Control Valve - Mark 70 Series
The Mark 70 Series is a line of pneumatically-operated, diaphragm control valves that combine multiple spring actuators with the precision of sliding gate seat for closer control and greater accuracy.
Bellows Seal Control Valve - Mark 74 Series
The Mark 74 provides long-term, leak-free performance when fugitive emissions are a primary concern. The Mark 74 offers exceptional bellows life with a valve stroke that is just a fraction of that of other rising stem valves.
Wafer Style Sliding Gate Control Valve - Mark 75 Series
The Mark 75 has all the benefits of the sliding gate seat design, coupled with the lightweight, compact wafer style body.
High Cycle, On/Off Control Valve - Mark 76 Series
The Mark 76 (1/2" - 2") typically functions using a 0 psi or 20 psi control signal. Through the use of a solenoid, either 0 psi or 20 psi is supplied to the actuator. Depending on the configuration of the sliding gate seats, 20 psi will either open or close the valve.
Globe Style Control Valve - Mark 78 Series
The Mark 78 pneumatic control valve is designed for accurate performance and simplified maintenance. It can be used on a variety of applications including viscous/corrosive liquids, process gases or utility steam in process or utility service.
3 Way Mixing/Diverting Control Valve - Mark 79 Series
The Mark 79 is an air-operated control valve used for diverting service; ideal for bypassing fluids around coolers or filters. It can also be used as a combining or mixing valve with two inlets and one outlet.
Angle Body On/Off Valve - Mark 2000 Series
The Mark 2000 is an externally piloted, angle-seat valve with self-adjusting packing gland, intermediate relief and wiper. The compact size and light-weight design makes this valve ideal for OEM machinery and other applications where space is limited.
Cage Guided Heavy Duty Control Valve - V1C Series
The Mark V1C cage-guided, balanced trim control valve offers high pressure and tight shutoff with standard spring/diaphragm actuators. The balanced cage trim design enables this valve to handle differential pressures up to 1480 psi (102 bar) through the 6" (DN150) size.
Globe Style Heavy Duty Control Valve -V!S Series
A stem guided globe valve with a cage-retained seat ring, featuring a wide range of corrosion resistant materials and quick change trim with linear or equal percentage flow characteristic. 


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