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Free Trade Zone Dalian,Liaoning,China
Management policy

    K2 is dedicated to exporting Made in the USA valve, fittings and instrumentation products to the emerging world’s industrial markets.  As a USA company, we adhere to the directions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

    Within the structure of that environment, it is our policy to work with our customers to offer the best possible solutions to their process applications.  We warrant our product offering.  We keep inventory of complete valves and spare parts in stock so that we can efficiently and effectively respond to needs of our customers.

    We provide both technical and commercial training to our sales team so that they can become experts not only the technical capabilities of our product offering, but also in the logistical requirements of getting the products into our customers’ facilities efficiently.  They are given  broad decision making authority so that we can better interact with all parties involved in any particular opportunity.

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