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New Product Release - Mark 908 Series - Blanketing PRV



      The MK908 is our 4th product release in four years that contributes to our goal of becoming the market leader for Pharmaceutical low pressure regulation and blanketing.

We continue to have good success with our MK968 series valves (cast body) for clean gas applications.  However, in about ½ of the quoted applications we have reviewed, customers actually wanted a valve with cGMP compliant features for use inAseptic areas. The MK908 valve was created, and is designed to provide that assurance, with complete ASME BPE guideline compliance. 
      If the application requires 316L barstock, an SF5 [20 Ra µin (0,5 Ra µm)electropolish] internal finish, and FDA and USP Class VI elastomers and/or thermoplastics, the MK908 is the right valve for you.
      Our goal is simple:   We want to be known as the Biopharmaceutical industry's go-to regulator for the Clean Suite gas infrastructure that supports Stainless, and Single Use Disposable processing systems.


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