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New Product Release - Mark 95LL




      The MK95 with “Lift Lever” option enables the valve to be fully opened for sanitization process without removing the set point. This is accomplished by lifting the cam lever on top of the valve stem.



      Why is this important? Sanitization routines (Rinse/CIP/Rinse/SIP) require that the valve be fully open to achieve cleaning flow velocities, and for draining.


• On manually operated systems, the Lift Lever gives MK95 users the option to fully open the valve for manual draining without adjusting the inlet pressure set point.


* Note that on automated systems, the user can also adjust the valve set point so that it automatically opens for sanitization – but you have to remove the spring force. To do so, turn the adjusting screw counter clockwise until the majority of the spring force is removed. In that manner, any rinse, CIP flush, or air blow down pressure introduced at the valve inlet will fully open the valve.


* On MK95AA air augmented, or MK95A air load (project valve) valves with an I/P, removing the closing force is even easier. Simply program the Controller (stand alone controller, PLC or DCS) so that it sends a signal to the I/P to release all pressure on the spring housing. For example, set 4 mA to equal 0 pressure at the I/P.






• In Harvest/Recovery perfusion systems.

      - The MK95 can be used to maintain TMP (Trans-membrane pressure) on bioreactor TFF perfu sion systems. Lift lever would be utilized during sanitization (rinse/CIP/rinse) and SIP.


Downstream: MK95 with Lift Lever used for sanitization on the following applications:

• Production Scale Purification:

- Rententate back pressure control to maintain TMP on Ultrafiltration/Diafiltraton TFF used between or after each Chromatography step.

- Chromatography outlet back pressure control, to prevent flashing and/or the formation of bubbles in any volatile buffer, or regeneration/equilibration solvent as it exits the chromatography column. Any Sterile vessel for Gas/Air vent pressure control: • The MK95 with Lift lever could be used to fully open the valve to manually relieve vessel pressure.


WFI Lines:

• WIFI pressure control at end of loop. Valve is installed on top of hot storage vessel return riser. Lift Lever on this application could be employed to fully open the valve during annual, or biennial passivation.



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